Taking it one day at a time…

One Day at a Time

“One day at a time” sounds like a simple phrase-
Just don’t look back or too far ahead
Deserves a little praise
But if you really dig down deep
And think about this line
It goes farther than you’ll ever know
And understanding, yours and mine
For if we live in the now
And not the then and to come
In result, we will appreciate our lives
And forget the troubles we’ve journeyed from
This is not to say disregard the lessons
And the love that have brought us to
The very point where we are now
And what God has done for me and you
And it’s not to say don’t plan ahead
For the future, because it’ll come in time
But rather look to what you can do
To change the world when tomorrow arrives
So seize the day, enjoy the moments
That you have on this earth
For what you do here in your life
In eternity has much worth

Two Simple Poems.

Faith and Fear

Faith and Fear start out alike
Both believing in things not seen
But they branch out
Where Fear feels doubt
And Faith for Hope is keen
Fear is easiest to feel
When the world throws it at your soul
But Faith brings more fulfillment
Making mind and body whole
So will you make the choice today
To put Faith into your life
And to cast all Fear out
Before it brings you strife?
You see, when you do this very thing
Joy and Happiness come
To make the world a better place
And Heaven more your home.

God Can Use You

God can use you no matter what your age
And His mercy does not change
“But I’m not special, He doesn’t need me”
Oh, how can that be?
He never stops caring for your life
He always loves you through wrong and right
And with Him, there’s no need to fright
Just listen to Him, and do what He says
And God will use you for the best

Another poem about going everywhere.

This world is amazing
But possessions we are chasing
Cannot we find fulfillment
From within our earthly casing?

The Christians in Sudan
Cannot possess as much as they can
Nor worship like us freely
But must meet the government’s demand

Some young girls in India within
Cannot escape the Hindu temple prison
Trapped for years in sadness weeping
And to the Gospel will have no chance to listen

Yet we here in the United States
Abuse our freedoms with extremely high rates
Although we have the right to worship as we please
We take advantage of them and meet our fates

We stay at home and watch the T.V.
From all responsibilities we want to flee
Yet the people starving in other countries
Should be the duty of you and me

What can we do to preach God’s Good News
And make the devil painfully lose?
What can we do to break bondage and pain
And give these people the right to choose?

The number one weapon is powerful prayer
God hears our cry and He cares
And some are called to go to these regions
Though foreign lands and everywhere

Whether pray at home or preach abroad
You will give the Lord honor and laud
For whatever you do for one of these
You are truly doing for God

A Poem About Going Everywhere

It feels as if we’re in a world
Where people don’t even care to see
Other people read and learn
About what Jesus did for you and me

Often it seems we’re in a box
Not caring about the world beyond
We only try to help ourselves
And for others not grow fond

But are we following God’s command
To go everywhere on this earth
To preach His Good News and Precious Gift
Does that quest to us have worth?

We need to give up our selfish aims
And strive to have compassion
Not on ourselves but on each other
Christ’s example as our fashion

So will you come and join me
To go into this mission field
To preach the gospel everywhere
And Satan not to yield?

This task may not be easy
We may be persecuted and set apart
But does really all that matter
When God observes the heart?

Even though strife may come
Our sacrifice will stand
The reward will be in Heaven
Because we followed God’s plan.