Another poem about going everywhere.

This world is amazing
But possessions we are chasing
Cannot we find fulfillment
From within our earthly casing?

The Christians in Sudan
Cannot possess as much as they can
Nor worship like us freely
But must meet the government’s demand

Some young girls in India within
Cannot escape the Hindu temple prison
Trapped for years in sadness weeping
And to the Gospel will have no chance to listen

Yet we here in the United States
Abuse our freedoms with extremely high rates
Although we have the right to worship as we please
We take advantage of them and meet our fates

We stay at home and watch the T.V.
From all responsibilities we want to flee
Yet the people starving in other countries
Should be the duty of you and me

What can we do to preach God’s Good News
And make the devil painfully lose?
What can we do to break bondage and pain
And give these people the right to choose?

The number one weapon is powerful prayer
God hears our cry and He cares
And some are called to go to these regions
Though foreign lands and everywhere

Whether pray at home or preach abroad
You will give the Lord honor and laud
For whatever you do for one of these
You are truly doing for God

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