A Moment of Inspiration.


Beauty is the fresh dew on a blooming flower
It is realizing that God, not us, has all-knowing power
Beauty is finding a miracle in every ending day,
The sunset beaming through the clouds, exuding its strong rays
Beauty is slowing down through a busy day to stop and smell a blossoming rose
It is discovering that you can stand on a peak even when there are endless lows
Beauty is loving people of all sorts of races
It is finding a fresh new joy in all different places
Beauty is starting over once more, even if you don’t succeed
It is finding time each hectic day to simply stop and read
Beauty is caring so very much to make other people smile
Even if doing so is an inconvenience to you all the while
Beauty is learning to cherish each moment, as swift as life goes by
It is laughing and beaming and dancing and shouting and not being timid to cry
Beauty is not looking down on others, though unfortunate they may be
It is having the courage to stand up for your faith and not just turning to flee
But most important beauty is letting God control your life
Submitting to Him each and every day, so as not to create strife
It is trusting and following His plan for you, no matter how especially thorny
Beauty is pursuing through the storms and finding delight in the morning

Laura Prosapio
July 9, 2008
11:25 AM CT