Satisfying My Deep Hunger.

God has been showing me lately that He is the only one capable of satisfying my whole being. Nothing in this world can fill the deep longing inside of me. Though the menu choices are very appetizing, I know that they won’t be the best for me after I eat them. The thing that needs to fill my body is the deep consuming fire that the Lord has to offer.

I recently went to a Tenth Avenue North concert. There are a new-ish band. Usually Christian bands have the same appeal. They have songs that are good for a couple of months, but after that they don’t resonate in your heart. This group’s songs are different. This band is the first one that ever had songs that seemed like they were written just for me. One of their songs called “Satisfy” is what sums up my desire for God to satisfy me completely.

Here is the link for the song(both the words and music are on this video):

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