Last Saturday I went to a pro-life convention for teenagers. I’ve always been against abortion, but I treated it more like an issue than an actual problem that needs fixing.

I wrote this poem in response to what I heard and what I feel about life:

By Laura Prosapio

Little hands and little feet,
A constantly beating heart-
A purpose and a plan for his future
God has set apart.
His life has just begun.
Soon he’ll be out in the world.
Yet now he feels safe to be
In mom’s belly nestled and curled.
God has given this tiny one life
And His unfailing love.
What blessings will he be given
From Heaven up above!
His first steps, his first words,
The first day to preschool;
Giggles, laughs, and whispers
Playing with friends in the pool.
High school and college graduation
And his wedding day.
Kneeling by his children’s bed
With them to simply pray.
What excitement lies ahead
For this precious boy.
God has his best in mind
For him to soon enjoy.
God has him in His loving care
Awaiting the day to come
While this little boy is in mommy
Kicking and sucking his thumb.