A Dream Made Real

So, I’m back from Florida, so that means back to blogging! Yay!:)

When I was in the Orlando area, my family visited some old friends that used to live here in Chicago. They knew about Katie’s Comfort Ministry, and that my family is available to speak to adults/teenagers about my sister and how God brought us through her death. So when we went to church with them on a Sunday, they set up the opportunity for us to minister to the people at their church.

My dad and mom were going to talk to the adults, and I was asked to speak to the youth group there. With only 3 days notice, I asked God what to say to the youth group about my sister, and on Wednesday night, I shared what God had put on my heart.

Now, I’ve always been the shy one, so it had to be the Holy Spirit to help me speak to these youth. Everything seemed to flow just like I imagined, and I felt so honored to be able to give hope to teens around my age that God can get them through anything.

This opportunity was so exciting for me personally, because if you look back at one of my old blog posts (“Imagine” from November 20,2008), God had been speaking to me that someday I’d be speaking to youth groups about my sister. He did just that!!

Isn’t God amazing? He definitely keeps his promises!

One thought on “A Dream Made Real

  1. God's timing and planning always amaze me. I am glad that you got in front of the group! (It takes a bit of gumption)I am an introvert at heart and I was freaked out of my mind when I got in front of the crew for the first time!Great job!


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