Jesus Among Other Gods

I was looking through some books that I had in my room, and I found this one book that I got around three years ago, Jesus Among Other Gods: The Youth Edition by Ravi Zacharias and Kevin Johnson. I never picked it up before, but I thought it deserved a chance. Immediately as I started reading, I was captivated!

Growing up as a Christian, it’s easy to say you believe in God and in Jesus’s death and resurrection. It’s basically a given- you know that you know that Jesus is real. But, trying to witness at school to kids who have never before had a real relationship with God, it’s hard to put into words how real Jesus is when those kids are skeptical and are totally defensive on the subject of God.

However, after reading through this book, so much tangible information was given as to the reality of Jesus and the price He paid for our sins. It gets down to the center of why certain people cling to eastern religions and also atheism. It expresses that while some people may think that God causes evil, God doesn’t intend evil into our lives. But when we are faced with a hard situation, it is supposed to bring us closer to Him. The info in this book is definitely going to be useful for me in witnessing with others from now on, and I’m excited about it!

One great quote from the book that I liked is this: “When we suffer, we can be sure God is closer than we can fathom. When we suffer, we can be sure that, in Christ, God is working a plan to end evil.” If everybody could grasp the point that religion isn’t what makes them belong in the world, but that a loving relationship with God is what does, it would be earthshaking!!

Anyways, I thought I would just share this book with you! You should definitely read it. (And for all you adults, it also comes in a non-student edition);)

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