Major Change and Amazing Growth.

Lately, everything around me has been changing–my friendships, my church, my pastors, my inner circle, my classes, my interests…the list could go on and on.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, change isn’t exactly the funnest thing for me. I’d probably rather pick up roadkill off the side of the road than have Major Change stalk me and transform the way I live everyday life. (I capitalize Major Change, because he might as well have a name. He seems to order around people’s lives as it is, so why not give him the proper title?)

Thankfully, though, while Change might have the title of a Major, God is the General. He orders everything around, and it is truly His doing that Major Change does his work. Change is God’s way of rearranging our lives so that He’ll be glorified with our uncomfortability.

So here I am, a tiny little private (no offense to all you privates out there). I basically have no control over the way my life is, but I must follow the commands I am given. Those commands aren’t to fight the change, but they are to make the most out of the change. Those commands are from General God to glorify Him in the change and to listen to Him even closer than before; for change is the ideal situation for the enemy offenders to attack when the innocent little private is least expecting it.

When we’re rooted in God, we won’t walk away from His plan–even when His plan is hard to follow. We’ll trust in our General to fulfill the battleplan, just like those in the military trust their leaders to provide the best and safest way possible for them to maneuver and destroy the enemy.

The best part about it is…our General isn’t from this earth. He is Almighty God who holds the world and created everything glorious. We can trust Him more than we can trust our own selves to do what is right. He has the master plan that will not fall through. We just must stay faithful in the assignments that He gives us.

1 Peter 4:19
“Trust your lives to the God who created you, for he will never fail you.”

This past month, I’ve been trying to fight the change, but I should have known better–it never works that way with God. The only way we will find true fulfillment is if we ride with the change. Whenever I’ve tried to fight, my efforts have been in vain. I’ve been left feeling even more unsatisfied than before.

But as I surrender and ride with the change, it’s as if I’m left free–the exact opposite of what I’d been expecting! As I encounter God with prayer and His Word, He has been assuring me that all things will work together for my good if I follow His plan.

Earthly things will leave us dry, but the one thing that will never fail us is God. He created us, He knows us, and He has the best in store for us.

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