"Time Goes on but Love Remains"

Sometimes I miss you beyond words,
Other times I simply cry.
But most days now are like the rest—
They miraculously go by.

That’s not to say I don’t care anymore,
For my being aches with love.
But somehow joy has come to stay—
Grief I know less of.

Your hugs impressed upon my shoulders—
The feeling of your hands
Your angelic smile and your ocean blue eyes,
Those soft and curly brown hair strands.

The lovely sound of your voice
That calmed me on the darkest of nights.
The truth that poured out from your lips
Has brought my understanding to new heights.

Memories are quiet and stillborn.
They are encapsulated within,
Yet when I think of my past with you,
I can’t help but laugh and grin.

For these memories are different—
Although they are gone and done.
Life springs from my mind with these;
I hear laughs, feel joy, remember fun.

I taste chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
I feel the concrete curb underneath.
I peer into the amusing thoughts in your head—
Another smile forms with your teeth.

I read the poems you’ve written,
And I hear the songs you’ve sung.
I listen to your heartbeat
As we’re youthful, lively, young

How I love to recollect
All the joys you’ve made me feel—
The advice you gave, the love you shared,
The broken hearts you would heal.

I see your name in stone—
“Friend to All” it reads below.
I laugh inside, a tear down my cheek
For a few special things I know.

This special person is my sister—
And I was blessed to admire
My hero, my love, my friend, my Katie
Her example to aspire.

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