God is Faithful

A little over a week ago, I celebrated my 16th birthday. It was so exciting, and I had a great time. After I went to school, I came home and my family and I watched the video that my dad took after I was born with my immediate family and my grandparents holding me for the first time. And although I don’t remember those times when I was just a few hours old, seeing that video means a whole lot to me. It’s meaningful to see me then because it truly shows how faithful God has been to me since that age that I can’t even remember. Turning another year older made me reflect on all the memories of my life–the joys, the sadnesses, the heartaches, and the triumphs that have accompanied each year of my life. It’s so cool to see what God has done in my life in retrospect…even if I didn’t notice how much of a role that He played in my life at the time.

In the end, God’s ways are the best. I can see that through the past, and I can only hope and pray that as I keep living day to day, I will be able to take on that mindset that God is faithful through every future situation.

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