God Said ‘No’ to Jesus

This post was a little bit delayed seeing as God showed me this around Easter time. But I had to share it no matter how late it was!

On Good Friday this past year, I read the account of Jesus’s death in God’s Word, and I truly thanked Him for what He had done for me on the cross. That day symbolized so much–the power of sin in the earth, the pain of life, but most importantly, the Savior who conquered them both.

I started watching the Passion of the Christ with my brother, and even though I’ve seen the movie before and read numerous times what happened at Gethsemane, this time new meaning came to my heart and my thoughts. As Jesus knelt, stricken with pain, He asked one thing of God–for this cup to pass from Him if it was God’s will. In other words, He was asking if there was any other way for Him to atone for the sins of the world than by a scarring death on a cross. It wasn’t that Jesus didn’t want to die for our sins–He loved us even through that prayer–but He just wanted God’s will to be done. I’m not sure if it was the human side of Him that made Him say the prayer for the cup to be passed or the supernatural side, but either way He asked God for a way out.

However, God deemed Jesus to die on the cross and take away the sins of the world through dying on a cross. Jesus’s request wasn’t answered the way He wanted it at that moment–God said ‘no’ to Jesus. But how great is the fruit of God’s decision of ‘no.’ The result is a world that can be free of sin if we call on Christ and ask for His forgiveness. We can live forever in Heaven because of Christ’s sacrifice.

This struck me as amazing! How many times have I asked God to change a situation and receive the answer ‘no’ or ‘not yet?’ Probably a lot. But as I look back at the situations I was in when I asked those questions, I can’t help but believe and testify that it was because God said ‘no’ that those situations turned out for the better.

If God said ‘no’ to Jesus and great fruit came forth, God can say ‘no’ to us and He can do great things as well.

One thought on “God Said ‘No’ to Jesus

  1. kind of hard isnt it, to just let go and let God be God in our situations? sometimes we get ourselves in trouble when we move ahead of God..that's why i have learned to slow down and let Him lead.. awesome post laura..


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