Why do I esteem so high the opinions of others?
Why must their eyes be the ultimate judge?
What is it that draws me to notability?
Why must I have all credit?
For these feelings of bewilderment and loneliness—
Overwhelming as they may be,
Are not credible, but false representations
Of what is important.
Can I never be satisfied in knowing that You care?
Day after day, year after year,
Wishing I was other than myself—
Clouded eyes, plastic smile.
Where is my true and genuine self?
No false fronts and no apprehension.
I want my true and real compassion—
Not for the satisfaction of others
But for the fulfillment of Your call.
Let me see the low and downtrodden
Instead of rising to the top as a goal.
Give me Your clear, unfading eyes
To see the beauty of a fainting soul.
Let me see Your visions and plans.
May I never miss what You want to do
By my being oblivious to Your greatness.
All I need is You—Your approval.
And everything will fall into place.

His Presence.

Your presence—an enveloping love soothing
Me away from the struggles of this life.
Your truth speaks softly into my ear to continue on,
And your peace is a beaming light, a place to withstand my fears.
Your face is a treasure to my heart—
Even though I’ve never seen Your tender eyes and warm smile,
I know that they are sweeter than the greatest joys on this earth.
When I call Your name in the midst of a turbulent storm,
It is You who responds to my need.
Even when I look back at the troubles of life,
I witness Your outstretched arms that cradled me.
Though the many winding paths may perplex my wandering mind,
I trust that You will show me the course.
And even when I am not trusting, and I struggle to complete Your will,
Your voice speaks words of reassurance and comfort
That allow me to gaze at Your purpose once again.
This world can be blinding with its flashy invitations and show-stopping routines;
But even in the core of the world and its desires,
Your ways are drawing me close.
May I never stray from the way of Life, Your blessed calling for me.
When the distractions and heartaches attempt to thwart me head on,
It’s You I will trust to be my stillness and refreshment.
You will never fail. You will never abandon.
So I will trust You.