Closed Doors.

“When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.” ~a quote from one of my favorite movies, The Sound of Music

Something I’ve realized lately is that closed doors are as much blessings as open windows. We usually expect a wide variety of doors to choose from (or at least I do!). However, when a door is seemingly shut in our face, we feel confused and ask God, “Why?” However, God has a purpose for every closed door. He opens a window. He shows us a better plan, slowly but surely.

I can think of a great example in the Bible of someone who had a door shut in his face. Joseph was a pretty easygoing guy who had it all going for him. However, one fateful day when he was sold by his brothers into slavery, his whole life changed. Bondage. Uncertainty. During his time as a slave in Egypt, he started to gain notoriety by his master, Potiphar. However, his master’s wife got Joseph thrown into prison by his unwillingness to have a romantic relationship with her. When all seemed lost, God redeemed. Joseph became of great help to the Pharaoh of Egypt with his gift of interpreting dreams. And Joseph went from the bottom-of-the-barrel to second-in-command over the entire nation of Egypt.

I’m sure that while Joseph was sold into slavery or when he was in prison, it was hard for him to see what God was up to. However, I’m also sure that when Joseph was given the honor of being Pharaoh’s right-hand-man, he was able to look back at the doors God shut knowing that a window was opened through the closed opportunities.

God can open windows that end up being way better than all the closed doors we have had to experience. Be encouraged that He is working out something greater for your life in the midst of your closed doors.

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