Winter Retreat 2012.

I truly went into Winter Retreat this past weekend with little to no expectations. I found myself bogged down with homework, college planning, and ultimate busyness. Too much busyness. God knew that He needed to still my heart this weekend. And He did just that. He calmed my fears, my worries, my uncertainties. Sure, I may not be exactly certain about where He is going to place me for the college years; but I am certain about His purpose for me, His everyday calling. He wants me (and all of us) to seek Him with all we have everyday of our lives. He wants to fill us up so He can pour us out–our lives a sweet fragrance to those around us. God requires faith of us, and our faith is stretched and increased by our obedience to Him. He stretches our faith as we open up to opportunities He presents us with every day if we are open to them. He increases our faith as we witness the small things He does through us that result in greater and greater things. He longs for us to exercise our spiritual gifts along with the body of Christ, to be a unified being–reaching out to the lost and being aware of the many needs around us. He wants us to forge ahead, not dwelling on past defeats; rather, He calls us to victory right now. As we plead His blood over our day every morning, He will protect, guide, and keep us in His will. As we ask Him to be His hands and His feet, He will flow through us. As we eliminate distractions, He shows us His perfect, unfading light that trumps all earthly pleasures. He longs for us and wants us more than we could ever imagine.

…Just some thoughts and things I’ve learned this weekend.

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