Step by Step.

In “Praise and Worship” Chapel last week, the worship team sang the chorus from the song “Sometimes By Step.” This song is a declarative creed from us to the Lord that He is our God, and we will ever praise Him and follow Him as long as we live.

Hearing the lyrics to this song while I worshiped in Chapel brought back to me a memory I had many years ago when I was five years old.

My memory of going to church on Sundays and Wednesday nights with my family is so clear. I remember sitting in the back seat of my family’s minivan, listening to a Rich Mullins’ cassette tape. “Sometimes By Step” was my favorite song because it was the song when I could do something very special when the chorus came around. When “And step by step, You’ll lead me” started to play, my sister Katie (who sat in the front seat) and I would sing the line out loud and stomp our feet on the floor of the car. Although, because I was too short to reach the floor at that time, I sometimes just had to wiggle my feet. It struck me even at that young age, that to follow God, it took taking one step after another.

However, little did I know at five years old that I would truly learn that concept of stepping out in faith.

A little over six years ago, the same sister that had joyfully sung “step by step” with me was tragically killed in a car accident at the age of nineteen. I was twelve at the time, and all I could think of was why something such as this had to happen. With her passion to become a missionary, I wondered why she was taken from this earth.

Dealing with her loss was such a difficult time of grief, suffering, and deep pain. All I could muster in my heart was that I would follow God “step by step.” That’s all I could do at the time. At times I had little trust in His plan, but choosing to walk “step by step” made me more aware that God was working in the midst of my pain.

He created purpose through a circumstance that I never would have thought could have purpose. Over the years, He has given me opportunities to be comforted and now to comfort others. By taking the “step” of coming to Evangel, He has given me a wonderful opportunity to pursue a Psychology major and begin studying to become a counselor so that in my calling I can effectively help others who are hurting and grieving.

Hearing the song “Sometimes By Step” in Chapel not only overwhelmed me with emotion thinking about God’s faithfulness throughout the past six years (and all of life), but it also gave me a good dose of perspective. Reflecting on everything God has done–even giving us the strength to simply walk “step by step” when we could barely even stand–is necessary. His faithfulness in our lives is our testimony, our reason to live, breathe, and sing.

So may our earnest prayer from the bottom of our hearts be, “O, God, You are my God. And I will ever praise You. I will seek You in the morning. And I will learn to walk in Your ways. And step by step, You’ll lead me, and I will follow You all of my days.”