My Soul Speaks to You.

God, You’ve been so faithful to me.
I think about the tears You’ve wiped away,
My sin-sick soul saved from decay.
You’ve spoken Your love gently to my being.
Your passion in me is so utterly freeing.
I notice Your hand has been my guide.
You’ve called me Your servant, Your daughter, Your bride.
So often I wish to accept Your grace,
But I push it aside, not accepting a trace.

Sometimes I can feel the doubts rising,
Shooting up from my very soul—
Like venom attempting to take control.
Yet, Your grace makes me fully free.
I am called to live victoriously,
Not like an exile with no place to belong,
But like a beautiful bird with a freedom song.
I feel Your Spirit gently tugging my heart,
A gnaw of discontent, a long for a new start.

Please break my heart for Yours, Lord.
So often I miss the grace You give
Because I can’t justify the way I live.
Remind me that that’s exactly the point.
My struggles and fears You redeem and anoint.
You take every single shattered piece,
You heal my scars, Your love release.
Help me to see Your eyes for me.
I am purchased and called and loved and free.

I know I don’t deserve Your grace.
But You lovingly and willingly share it.
When time after time I recommit
My life to Your perfect calling.
When I feel like I’m desperately falling,
Let me fall to Your arms and not depart.
For You formed my very heart.
You know every thought I can’t understand
You see my every moment, count my every hair strand.

You have given me a calling.
To love out of the love You’ve given.
May this be the calling to which I am driven.
It’s miraculous for me to dwell on the thought
That my sins and despairs You gladly forgot.
Help me be the same.
Give me grace to forgive, a heart not to blame.
Because of Your beautiful, priceless gift.
I can live for Your name, forget every rift.

You give me grace to share with others.
Your mercies are new every morning.
You shower them on me without any warning.
May my smile and my actions be ever so sweet.
As I live for Your Name, as I lay at Your feet.
Purify my heart, let me see through Your eyes.
Without any sinful filter, without any disguise.
I long to see Your glory in my everyday world.
So let Your Kingdom come, let Your love be unfurled.

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