Thank you for taking me to Your quiet waters, Lord. You are so good, and I could never begin to put into words the purpose You have revealed to me. You have broken me, Lord. You have made me completely whole through my brokenness and given me a purpose I could never construct myself. God, I am so broken, but You restore me and make me COMPLETELY whole. Wow. I just can’t even put into words what You are doing in me, and I want Your presence to be so enveloping to me that I see You fresh in every moment, closer with every breath. Wow, You are good, God. I can’t fathom Your faithfulness or even come close to understanding Your PERFECT ways. You have woven together my every moment to bring You glory. And I want nothing else than to bring You glory. Let Your tears in me cry for others’ souls—for restoration, as You’ve so restored me. Let me be open to witnessing the miracles You desire to share with me every day. You are breaking my heart for what breaks Yours, Lord, and I never want that to stop.

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