He Supplies Our Needs.

Last Sunday night, after the weekend spent with a bad chest cough, I began to feel intense body chills. After bundling up and heading to bed, I noticed that my knee joints were very achy. After a few hours asleep, I woke up around 2AM–burning up with a fever. Because I was feeling so weak, I was unable to climb down from my lofted bed. After finally gaining the strength to make it down my ladder, I made my way to W2N’s study room to call my folks and tell them how sick I was feeling.

Little did I know that I was just beginning a week-long bout with the flu.

It’s no fun being sick away from home. When I think of being sick, I picture myself in the comfy brown recliner chair in my house–positioned conveniently in front of the television. I imagine my dad and mom giving me Sprite, Popsicles, and toast with strawberry jelly on top. Sick in the comfort of home.

However, last week, I found myself sick away from the comfort of home. Without a thermometer, Ibuprofen, or a car–unable to pick up my prescription from the nurse and too weak to go to the Caf for meals. I felt completely helpless.

Yet, God knows exactly what we need, and He places individuals in our lives to take care of us and make us feel loved. He extended His love to me by girls on my floor and other sweet friends supplying me with a ride to the pharmacy, many bags of tea, tissues, Popsicles, Tylenol and Ibuprofen, Powerade, meals, and beautiful prayers. The deepest parts of my heart that longed to be home while sick felt content–covered with the blessings showered on me by the girls around me.

I counted my blessings so much this past week, and now that I’m well again, I’m especially thankful. This past week of being completely helpless–but being utterly blessed–has changed my perspective on how reaching out to your neighbor (even in the smallest way) can make the biggest difference.

I pray that my eyes are opened to the needs around me, and my heart guided by the Holy Spirit to listen to His leadings.

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