The Weather.

It both humors me and frustrates me that most human conversations seem to revolve around the weather. When asked how we are doing, we utter a quick “Good!” or “Well!” (depending on our attitude toward proper grammar for the day). Then, we discuss the weather. It’s the proper thing to do. Is it going to snow? Is it going to rain? Are you cold, hot, just right? This is a conversation of comfort. I cannot count how many “weather conversations” I have had with those around me this month–or even this past week.

However, I do know where this conversation branches from (at least for me). A place of low involvement, no confrontation, and little investment. Everyone can agree on the weather. And because the temperature changes from day to day, we never have to worry that we’ll STOP having something to talk about. In my personal opinion, this shallowness of thought is preventing us from TRULY getting to the root of sharing what God is doing in each others’ lives. 

What if instead of commenting on the weather, we asked each other what God has been teaching us lately? Just as the weather changes from day to day, so our excitement for the Lord should INCREASE and be fresh–something we can always talk about.

I believe the enemy is in the business of ISOLATION. He desires so strongly for us to stay away from others who can uplift us, encourage us, and build us up in the Lord. He wants to make sure that our struggles seem unique, and our situation impossible to escape from. Yet, God’s desire is for us to be SHARING our testimonies with those around us in order to bring His light and His glory.

Revelation 12:11 states, “And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony. And they did not love their lives so much that they were afraid to die.”

Wow. What POWER our testimonies have. Yet, so many times we invest our energy into maintaining our image, tightly grasping our issues and struggles. Unwilling to let others see what God is doing because that may reveal our weaknesses. And, in our society, weakness is discouraged so highly.

Yet–WOW! God’s power is made PERFECT in our weakness. How can we give Him the glory He deserves if we don’t allow His strength to fill the emptiness of our weakness? This requires vulnerability, openness, and the willingness to share our struggles with others so that they can pray for wholeness in Christ–that God’s glory be revealed through those places we would most prefer to hide. As God works His glory through every area we are so weak in and shows His strength, we are meant to PROCLAIM His majesty and the work of His hands–not hold tightly to where we’ve been. 

The enemy’s push for us to be isolated can be so effective. His intent is to re-chain us and allow us to believe that our weaknesses have no hope of being used for God.

But that is A LIE OF THE ENEMY.

John 8:36 proclaims, “So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.”

Let us believe this truth. Let us allow this truth to sink down deep into our heart and soul so that it changes the way we live. Let us not be afraid to ask how others’ faith journeys are leading them closer to Christ’s heart. Let us not be timid to share what God is revealing to us. Let us not stay hidden, but let us share the Light.


So, is it going to snow tomorrow? I’ve heard it’s supposed to. As long as there isn’t ice, I’m excited about the snow! 

While it’s perfectly acceptable to discuss the weather, let us NOT be limited by shallow conversation which prevents us from sharing more, reaching deeper, and becoming more unified in Christ.

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