What I felt the Lord speak to me tonight at Reviving Prayer:

For so long, you have prayed a distorted prayer to Me of rationalizing your faith in Me and what it would mean for you if I didn’t come through. You have allowed your doubts to surpass the glory of My presence which is meant to lift and free you to experience the deepest measure of faith in what I can do. I am restoring you. I am clearing your vision so that you no longer walk by what you can see, but rather by faith in My power and in My character that will always care for you completely, truly, without condition. Faith in Me does not depend on what you can work to offer Me but rather what you can relinquish from your control. What you can surrender to Me in order to rest in the security I offer you so freely. Don’t rationalize My power. Allow yourself to be softened by the testimonies of My power, but don’t be limited by those testimonies. For greater things will come through Me. My power is not exclusively defined by what I have done in the past, but is expanded to what I will do. And I will use you to be a vessel of My healing, a vessel of My miracles–as you surrender your distorted prayers and instead seek the faith that makes you right with Me. Not what you have done to earn it. Rest, rest, rest in what I have done for you.

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