Second Semester Snapshot.

This semester has been wonderful so far…even though I’m in the midst of midterms. Those are a little less than enjoyable. But, after this week, I’ll be headed on Spring Tour with the Concert Choir. I can’t wait for this upcoming time of ministry with such beautiful people, including some new Cuban friends.

As I ponder the past few months since Christmas, I have experienced some of the greatest joys–and they have come from some of the most simple things.

For one, I got to celebrate my mom’s birthday over Skype. I had the privilege of singing “Happy Birthday” with my dad and brother, and was able to help blow out her candles. 😉 I can’t even BEGIN to express my thankfulness for Skype, and how it makes me feel so much closer to loved ones!

Also, we’ve experienced a few snowfalls here in Springfield! They have been beautiful, and one even allowed us to have a day off school. That was a gift. During one of the snow flurries, I was walking with a dear friend, when a PERFECT snowflake fell on her jacket. If God puts so much detail into such a small snowflake, how much more He delights in every detail of our lives!

Also, my DADDY came to visit Springfield at the end of January! It was so exciting. He told me he was coming the day before he arrived by plane, and it was one of the sweetest surprises I’ve ever gotten. We visited the Butterfly Palace in Branson, bonded over meals…it was just GREAT. We had the privilege of traveling to Neosho to hear Koy Chhim speak about Teen Challenge Cambodia–a center so dear to our hearts. It was incredible hearing Koy’s passion for the hurting individuals that he ministers to. While in Neosho, we also got to spend time with Pastor Jim & Kathie Lowans. Such inspirational individuals.

Having my daddy come visit made the long stretch from Christmas until summer MUCH more bearable!

There have been many more beautiful memories formed this past semester with some lovely individuals. I’m so thankful that I’m able to be in the company and accountability of these friends…and many other wonderful people.

I feel so blessed. 

Take a moment to reflect on the blessings God has showered your life with the past few months.

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