My dear friend (and kindred spirit) Allison invited me to a Bible study at Central Assembly earlier this semester, and this Bible study has seriously been one of the most EARTH-SHAKING experiences I’ve ever been a part of.

The book we’re reading is called Chase, and it’s by Jennie Allen. Each chapter covers a different word, and each word is explored for the truth God is wanting to show us. Some examples of the chapters are “Identity,” “Repentance,” and “Surrender.”

We covered “Surrender” in tonight’s study, and it was so powerful. I wanted to share some quotes by Jennie from this chapter that especially impacted me:

  • “To get God, we [are] learning to receive our lives rather than try to control them.”
  • “We need to lay down the false sense of entitlement we have built that God owes us a good life. Our one and only sustaining hope is that God has overcome this world and is preparing our home in the next.”
  • “Nothing good on this earth even compares to God’s love, and no suffering compares to the suffering of being separated from God…To truly be forsaken by God would be the definition of suffering.”
  • “We mistakenly believe God is holding out on us if He doesn’t give us the things on earth we most desire. But God spoke us into being, He poured out the blood of His Son, and He filled us with His Spirit. The depths of God fill the depths of us. He is withholding nothing. He gave us all of Himself. The God of the universes gave every piece of Himself for us.”

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