Seven Years.

Remembering the beautiful life my sister Katie lived on this 7-year-anniversary of her going home to be with Jesus. As I look back at the past seven years, I can’t help but recognize the testimony God has created and is creating in my life through the grief which He continues to turn into joy. And even when moments of sadness still overwhelm me from time to time, God’s comfort and peace cover me beyond anything I could ever comprehend through reading His Word, through hugs and words of comfort from friends, and through the “Katie memories” shared with family.

This month, I turned 19, the age Katie was when she passed away. It’s quite an experience being the same age as the last age I remember her. I often wonder if I’m seeing things like she did when she was nineteen–making similar decisions she made, or thinking the same thoughts that she pondered. After this day, I will begin to start living days she never got to experience on this earth. But even though I’ll continue to get older than she was, she’ll ALWAYS be my adored older sister, and I’ll ALWAYS be her little sis.

Time is passing, but I hold her nearer to my heart than ever. God continues to make all things work together for good. He continues to use her testimony to touch others. And as long as I live, I pray that I will keep sharing about my sister’s passion for the Lord and how faithful He has been in my family’s life in grieving her death.

I can’t help but think about Katie in God’s presence right now. Singing praises to her King and probably playing an acoustic guitar. I know His presence is the place she wanted to be more than ANYTHING. And on this day, and for all eternity, she will continue giving praises to the Lord. It’ll be QUITE the experience when I join her someday. ♥

Love you, Katie!

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