Make Someone Happy.

It’s amazing how creative God is in the way He speaks to us.

At the start of this week, my mom and I took a talk at Lake Katherine. What a joy it was to be within nature once again, admiring the trees and water and ducks and geese (Well, not so much the geese. My mom and I had to run away from one that started to chase us).

Maybe I was a little TOO glad to be back. It took us three times as long to walk the one-mile trail because I had to stop to “Awww” at the turtles, the swans, the breeze, the sun…But it was delightful.

Somewhere along our walk when I was capturing a photo of some tulips, an elderly gentleman (probably around the age of 80) came up to us. First, he offered to take a picture of me and my mom. With this gesture, he encouraged us to capture not just the scenery but the person we were enjoying the day with.

After he had the woman who was with him (who appeared to be his caregiver) take this photo of us, he opened up a grocery bag he was holding and gave us each a hand-painted rock. Here’s a picture of mine:

He did this for no apparent reason but to share with us something that he made. He suggested that we put the rocks in one of our planters during the summer to add some decoration. Then he feebly walked away. My mom and I were touched. He didn’t have to momentarily enter our lives, but he chose to share his smile and his little garden rocks with us to make our day brighter.

This whole week, I haven’t been able to forget this gentleman’s gesture. It was so simple, yet it gave me great perspective. How can I make someone’s day brighter? Too often, I am caught up with what’s next on my agenda or where I have to be by a certain time. Do I open my eyes to see who I can impact at church, in the grocery store, or even on a walking path? What ways can I make someone happy?

I may not cross paths with you again, kind gentleman, but thank you for this beautiful rock. You have reminded me that I have much to give those around me, even if it is through the simplest of measures.

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