Summer Time & Friendships.

I am over a month into my summer vacation as of now, and it has been a time of adjustment, rest, and beauty. It took me close to forever to start unpacking my belongings from college–and I’d say that now I’m 98% unpacked. I’m thinking I might as well keep some things packed so that traveling back to school in August will be a more streamlined process… 🙂

On these summer days, I’ve been able to reflect upon the school year that’s just passed as well as the lessons I’ve learned throughout the months. I’ve spent time studying God’s word, journaling, and listening to His voice. I’ve been increasingly recognizing my need for fellowship, and I’ve been trying to seek out ways to grow with other believers during this time I’m home. I’ve realized to the highest degree how purpose-less I feel when I am not employing my passions the way I think I should be using them. This has led me on a journey of a new kind of surrender–trusting that God will use me to give Him glory, even when I don’t think I have the resources to do so.

I have encountered beauty all around me–from the sweet sound of the birdies chirping to the bluest skies to the pitter-patter of rain to the brilliant colors of the sunset. Summer seems to offer an enhanced chance for the individual to stay outside and marvel at God’s creation. (Although I usually admire the “pitter-patter of rain” from inside our house). I have also come into contact with beauty by being reunited with my buddies back home (as well as keeping in touch with friends at school). Friendship is a beautiful gift from God, and I am always amazed how joys are escalated and sadnesses are decreased when shared with a friend.

I am so thankful to be blessed with supportive friendships with these girls who I’ve known since babyhood:
We’ve enjoyed after-kindergarten McDonald’s dates.


We’ve also survived the VERY AWKWARD junior high years.


We’ve taken church trips together.


We’ve celebrated graduation parties.


We’ve gone a little insane sometimes.


We’ve been princesses.


We’ve celebrated life’s joys.


We’ve said college good-byes.


There’s about nine of us total (as well as a lovely lady who has been grafted in throughout the junior high years). I suppose being away at school for the past eight months (excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas break) has given me an even greater appreciation for the beautiful ladies God has placed in my life. As the years have gone by, we have definitely changed from the little girls we once were. We have different passions, desires, dreams, priorities, and callings. But then again, we haven’t really changed at all in some respects. Even after a school year apart from each other (and for some of us a school year together), we still regard our friendships with each other as being precious gifts. Time melts away in a laugh, a hug, a shared memory.

I know that this past year has triggered the beginning of a series of changes in the future. As more of us go off to universities in different parts of the country, it is inevitable that at least a couple of us won’t end up back home where we grew up. I expect that in the next five years, marriages will take place–maybe even babies–and God will lead us in the direction He has for us.

That’s why I cherish each moment spent with these not only childhood friends–but now adulthood friends. Memories are not only an occurrence of the past, but truly, some are yet to be created. Thank the Lord for summer reunions.

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