Beacons of Light.

It was a starry night—

Not twinkling in the sky,
But rather piercing through the darkness
In a nearby field.
Taken by surprise, I stopped,
Dumbfounded by the sight.
How mysterious, how enchanting—
Like from a distant galaxy.

Yet, encountering this wonder
Was like hearing a song I’ve always known.

I recognized the glimmer.

From childhood I’ve seen one or two bulbs
Appearing on summer nights.
I admired their beautiful splendor
And was curious about their purpose.

But through the years I’ve ceased
To admire and to question.

Yet something about this recent night
Allowed my heart to ponder.
Glimpsing hundreds of bulbs at once
Inspired me anew.

With rhythmic illumination
My old friends danced before me.
I could not trace their paths,
But I knew they would alert me of their presence.

No man-made lamp powered by a current
Could compare to the natural wonder on display.
Connected to their Creator, they shone,
Gaining life-sustaining purpose with each blink.

They were called to sing a melody in silence,
         To bring light to a barren night,
         To show me the presence of Jehovah God
         Transcends my understanding,
         Yet comes to warm my heart.

He chooses to share His wonders with us
And alert us of His presence—

Even with a field of brilliant fireflies

Illuminating the night.

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