His Beauty in Us.

“As we take the time to discover the beauty within ourselves, we begin to discover the beauty that surrounds us.” ~Anonymous

I came across this quote the other day on my daily quote calendar and found it to ring so true.  I have found that many times in my life, I’ve had difficulty being able to love others and see their beauty because I have not accepted the love and appreciated the beauty that God had given to me.

God is love (1 John 4:8), and since He is love, we are able to love others with His love when we know and love Him. However, I believe a main component of this concept that I have often overlooked is that we must first be willing to accept the love God has given us. And honestly, this can be pretty difficult at times. It’s tough to accept love, especially when we think we don’t deserve it.

In this world of aspirations and goals, society tells us that we should feel fulfilled once we have accomplished whatever we have set is our heart to do. We attach worth to our actions, and when we fail, we attribute our failure to a lack of ability. Attaching worth to our abilities will always fail us (This is a lesson God has been teaching me this past year).

Yet, when we find our identity in God’s love for us, then we don’t have to work, work, work to feel accomplished or secure. God simply gives His love to us. It’s nothing we work for. His love is something we have to accept. Whether we feel we are deserving or not, He allows us to be a part of a loving relationship with Him that fills every desire we have in our hearts. What a gift. Because we feel we are so undeserving, it’s easy to push away this gift and rely on our own efforts to feel secure. As a result, we rely on our own strength to construct our identity; we give out of our own love until we run dry.

God’s love makes us absolutely beautiful. And as we accept His love, we realize how beautiful we are in His sight. When His love fills us, we are able to see the beauty not only in ourselves–but also the beauty in those around us. We can love without the supply running dry, because it flows from God’s heart, not just our own. It’s a wonderful thing!

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