To the leaf who fell before his time –

I wrote this poem during class one day, after I had passed a cluster of green-leafed trees that were being de-leafed because of a fierce autumn wind.

With a fear of heights this leaf does live,
            But connected to a tree,
He grows strength from her perspective.
            This knowledge makes him free.

He takes delight in his bright green color
            And in the fresh look of his face.
His comfort grows much fuller
            As he becomes familiar in this place.

He feels the strong heat of the sun,
            And the warm glow of the moon.
He makes memories on his branch,
            He listens to the bluebird’s tune.

But unexpectedly, one windy night,
            As he is sleeping in sweet peace,
He is awakened with a rustling fright.
            He must surrender to the breeze.

As he tumbles down from the tree so tall
            With terror in his mind,
His heart is surprised that his fall
            Is met by a pile of leaves so kind.

He has reached his new destination,
            Though he is lowest to the ground,
He is on a firmer foundation.
            True stability has he found.

For, he’s learning that his steadiness
            Comes not in what is still,
But in the wind that shares its friendliness
            And offers its own thrill.