Last night at CREW, Pastor Erik talked about imagining everything that we want for our future. He mentioned that when we were little, our dreams and future expectations were virtually endless; and now that we are older, we think that those dreams are impossible because of how the world is with certain standards and whatnot.
During worship time, I really asked God to put a dream into my heart. It didn’t come last night, but I felt that I was predestined to do something in my life that would stretch me and change others for the good.
This morning, I had a half day at school, and my dad took me out to lunch at Lone Star. Pretty much out of nowhere he mentioned that a lady at his church that has the gift of prophecy walked up to him and started praying and prophesying over him and my family.

My family recently started a ministry(Katie’s Comfort Ministry). During this woman’s prophecy, she mentioned me speaking to youth groups and people my age about my sister’s testimony and story, and how God brought me through her passing.

When my dad said that, I immediately thought back to last night when I was pleading for God to put a dream into my heart. I truly believe that this is it. I really want God to touch teens through me. There is such a healing that takes place when we understand that God has a purpose for all things, even the especially hard ones.
I don’t know where it will start, and I don’t know when, but I am excited to what God is going to do, even if I still need to get over my stage fright and all.:)

This dream to me still seems a little bit “out there”, but I know that with God all things are possible.

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